“I scoured the internet for information regarding dog allergies--I have a Golden Retriever--who was itching markedly in response to pollen. I found you and your RESPIT product for the Northeast (we live in NJ). My vet agreed to purchase the allergen and allow me to administer the shots weekly: I'm an internist. My dog has thrived after a year of therapy. She scratches at least 80% less, and is remarkably more comfortable despite elevated pollen levels.

You have done our dog, and us a tremendous service, with insightful medical/veterinary practice. I cannot thank you enough."
Neil Goldberg, M.D., Upper Montclair, N.J.

“I had been dealing with atopic issues with my Labrador Retriever for 7 years with variable success. When my son's Blood Hound developed atopy, I decided I finally needed to explore immunotherapy for both dogs to more effectively manage their atopy.

We saw Dr. Plant a year ago and both dogs were started on RESPIT. Both dogs have responded beautifully with the Blood Hound having occasional flare-ups.

I regret not starting immunotherapy sooner with my Labrador and strongly recommend RESPIT immunotherapy to my clients with atopic dogs. Those clients that have started RESPIT therapy have also had good results.”
Kay Edwards, DVM, Estacada, OR

“Like many of my colleagues, I struggle with patients coming in and out of my office for chronic itching and scratching. We rule out all differentials and diagnose the problem as atopy. We attempt novel protein diets, but at the end of the day, it seems like nothing besides steroids help. We have pursued allergy testing and traditional allergy shots with limited success and the patients are still miserable. Last year I came across RESPIT and started using it in many of my tough allergy cases. I have had very good success with it in my practice. Clients that are typically using it on their dogs have tried everything, and when starting RESPIT people have said it is truly a miracle. The response is very satisfying, clients are happy, and our patients are finally having long-term relief. I recommend RESPIT.”
Peter Hanna, DVM, Simi Valley, CA

“Just thought I would tell you how well my clients like your RESPIT product. It is great that we do not need to stop symptomatic treatment for allergy testing. So far the dogs are responding well, about as well as when we do full testing.
I am also happy with the reasonable cost of the product. Thank you for this product.”
Gerald Blackburn, DVM, Memphis, TN

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